What participants say about the training

Solution Focused Coaching

„If you are looking for an enriching learning experience immediately applicable in your life, you shouldn’t miss the Solution focus seminar run by Rita and Petra: you will be fascinated by their special personalities, by their knowledge and expertize in the areas of training, coaching and consultancy, by the responsible and caring way of supporting people, and last but not least by their personal charm.

Rita and Petra are really Solution focused people, are doing a great job and will support you for sure in finding the solutions you are looking for.”

Doina Bratu - HR manager Pfizer Romania

“The Solution Focused approach helps in motivating others and inspiring them for going the extra-mile. You are challenged to put yourself in the shoes of others, seeing issues from a different angle and showing more understanding and support to your subordinates. A "kit", which every manager should possess and be able to apply it. It brings trust in the team, shows responsibility for others and helps the involved ones to develop their interpersonal skills.

The trainers show passion and commitment for the topic, team up extremely well together and bring experiences from different segments. Warm and caring in bringing over the message and highly able to adapt to the participants.”

Paul Musat – Project Manager, Raiffeisen Bank S.A.

“Solution focused approach proves to be also very accessible to people of different background, education, culture and profession and is very accessible after a relatively short introduction for understanding and initiation in the basic model. It is a healthy way of thinking, relating and acting both - in personal life and in any profession. I appreciated the flexible structure of the seminar. Petra and Rita are unique in their solution focused and encouraging approach. They look, behave and teach in a very credible, reliable way. They build up more self confidence in each of the participants to try out and learn...

Wonderful! It's a style that inspires and invites to know more and get deeper into the Solution Focused Approach. Many thanks again for this opportunity!”

Maria Valeanu – Owner, SC AUGUSTA PAPIER S.R.L.

“The most valuable aspect of the Solution Focused training is the ideas and concrete steps on how you can drive a "problem" oriented discussion into a "solution" oriented discussion. It is a much more efficient way than the intuitive solutions I have applied so far.

I particularly find it useful for the sales members of my team, reorienting their thinking, discussions and negotiation patterns to finding solutions that will make them reach their goals, and not simply identify problems.

The way the trainers work as a team was just great! They are quite different personalities and complete each other perfectly. They create by simple presence a general atmosphere of security, trust, positiveness which enables the participants to let down the guards and feel free and safe enough to open up and make a unique learning experience. I highly appreciated the way they supervise the interactions between the participants so it is always in a constructive way.”

Miruna Soare - Business Development Manager Fujitsu Siemens Romania

“I found the method surprisingly ‘at hand’ for me, personally, but also professionally. The ‘coaching attitude’ that we have been introduced to, seemed to me a powerful and extremely efficient tool. The positive, future-oriented and results-focused approach suites me very well, thus I will make a full use of it in my day to day life.

The trainers are a very unique and unconventional mix, in terms of personality, expertise and teaching method. As a participant, it is impossible not to feel the energy flowing between the two trainers and not to be able to connect to the one ‘who’s more like you’.

I also enjoyed very much the positive energy, relaxed atmosphere and original exercises. The program is more an “experience’ than a classical training. Very pragmatic, easy to understand and to apply. You can easily start to feel that you control the method and feel confident to start using it immediately.

Very pleasant and meaningful experience!”

Patricia Andrei – Recruitment, Training & Development Manager, ING Bank