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In-house organizational development programs

As top managers, the modern business environment is continuously challenging us with trainings and team building programs. All of us have high expectations when attending this kind of events, and we expect to learn new things, get new experiences and enhance our managerial profile. For this expectation to become reality, one needs talented and experienced trainers – and this is not an easy role to be played by the moderators.

An extraordinary thing happened when I attended the last leadership training program I was part of. I met two elegant and devoted ladies – Petra and Rita – playing the moderators’ role by breaking any professional, cultural and interpersonal barriers, by challenging all participants to express themselves and by pushing all of us to go back to the core values of our professional and personal lives.

I was amazed by the energy Petra and Rita had during the three intensive training days providing us with unique situations, experiences and cases, all perfectly tailor made for the group of top mangers attending the program – with the main focus on giving us a real help on building a stronger senior managerial team. As an experienced top manager, I was impressed by their flexibility to adjust the training program every day according to our group’s needs and based on the input they gathered during the work with us.
This training left me personally with a learning I never got from other similar leadership training programs. This is an experience I would recommend to any other senior manager: a training under the full guidance and assistance of these to very talented ladies.

Alina Serbanica – Ipsos Romania

The tasks of Demary & Klemmayer were to coach the managers without leadership experience, to enhance the trust of the staff in the future of the company, to improve the cooperation between the departments, which had various tasks and little need or interest to support one another. Petra and Rita had a relevant part in forming the team, which quintupled the turnover in the last years. Today the Romanian company has a top position in the group regarding innovation, motivation and result.

A prominent point in the work of these trainers is, how they design and deliver each workshop in an individual way and take in consideration the needs of every participant.
Very profound and open conversations with the top and middle management helped to specify the goals of the program which set the frame for the process.
They have a large experience and can adapt easily to topics that arise spontaneously based on the participants needs and give them the right space when they are brought up. We appreciate their fresh and natural style, their way to build up a trustful atmosphere. Several participants ask for their advice for professional and personal problems. This support exceeds the activity of a normal business relationship.

Dierk Zeigert – General Manager Newsoutdoor Romania

“The workshops facilitated by Petra Mueller-Demary and Rita Klemmayer have strongly supported the development of mutual acceptance and respect in our whole team. As interpersonal conflicts could be solved by better understanding each others needs and requirements, the efficiency of processes has improved. The main change after the workshop was a boosted feeling of “YES - WE can do it together! We all pull together!”
Both consultants generated a trustful and open atmosphere, where everybody was ready to bring up their issues and be personal involved. The safe environment helped to discuss problems in an open and constructive way.
Due to the professional facilitation, where really everybody got involved in working out the solutions, the commitment of each team member was significant higher than before.”

Uwe Tschirner - Local Division Manager AT , ABB S.R.L.