Sequoia - growing at work

Our name, our philosophy

The Sierra Nevada is the homeland of the evergreen redwood tree. The oldest examples of this species are between 2,500 and 3,000 years old. The Sequoia survives bushfire, extreme cold and parasites, all thanks to the chemicals contained in its bark. Only when its roots are no longer able to bear its weight does this tree fall down.

To us, this tree symbolises that

  • permanent, active and stable growth happens through the harmonious interaction of a variety of forces
  • a stable system needs resilience to survive catastrophe, upheaval and crisis
  • a healthy organizm provides a habitat for other life
  • every system passes through stages of birth, growth, decay and rebirth

We help our customers, through training and coaching, to grow sustainable in the business environment

  • on an individual level
  • as a team
  • as an organization

in good times as well as during upheaval and crisis.

We promote and mediate the core values that make growth possible:
trust, respect, drive, resilience, creativity and responsibility for oneself, the organization and the environment.

Rita Klemmayer Dr. Petra Müller-Demary