Growing in times of crisis

Time management has an important role in times of crisis. Poorly-thought out action and knee jerk reaction can mean the loss of vital time.

At such time , managers need to step back and take a "collective time-out", to reflect on goals, strategies and future action.

A "Time-Out Workshop" gives you the chance to take a step back from the hectic nature of "crisis management", to identify new opportunities presented by the changed situation, to evaluate available resources and expand your scope for action.

In times of crisis, we can help you:

  • develop a long-term perspective extending beyond the current crisis situation
  • ascertain your level of resilience (ability to cope with the crisis)
  • identify your resources and employ them effectively in dealing with the crisis situation
  • focus your energy on the “right” customers and business partners
  • develop a communication policy, demonstrating trust and confidence in your employees without losing sight of the gravity of the situation
  • give direction to your team by example
  • find an inner balance in stressful situations, in order to remain mentally, psychologically and physically fit.

This workshop will enable you to achieve clarity in terms of your collective goals and the implementation of your practical strategies, while also ensuring the support of your colleagues.

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